Every four years, I get the opportunity to continue serving you as your Sheriff. Once again I ask for your support in re-electing me as your Sheriff. I have already been humbled by the outpouring of support our community has given to me here.

I often think about how far we’ve come together since you first chose me to be your Sheriff in 1996. Thousands of Community meetings, and child finger-printings at community festivals. Countless hours together at National Nights Out, united against the gangsters and thugs that seek to harm our neighborhoods. Introducing our Community Action Team, School Resource Officers, and other community service officers, paved the way for greater communication between your Sheriff’s Department and you.

We have been successful because YOU got involved. YOU helped us form community groups in YOUR neighborhoods. YOU helped us form Crime Watch groups. YOU put the criminal element on notice that YOU will not take it any more.

I'll be the first to admit that we still have so much more to do. The only way for us to succeed is for YOU to get involved and stay involved. YOU are the most important part!

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